Photograghed by Ollie Grove
Trap Magazine Issue #19 , cover page, p.41, 42, 45, 46

♫♪ Gorgon City • Unmissable | ft. Zak Abel

♫„♪ Wilkinson • Dirty Love | ft. Talay Riley

♫♪ Badboxes • Like A Star

♫♪ Fenech-Soler • Last Forever

♫♪ Usher • She Came To Give It To You | ft. Nicki Minaj

♫♪ Example • 10 Million People

♫♪ Labrinth • Let It Be

I’ve been recording when I can over the summer, on the floors of festival dressing rooms, in hotels, I’ve been waiting for everyone to fall asleep so I can track vocals in the back lounge of the bus. Making Post Tropical definitely lit a fire. There’s no plan for any of it, I have an album in the world and it is rightfully taking up a lot of my energy, but I’ve plenty energy to go around, I’d like to start putting out some ideas while the ink is still wet, I want people to hear them, to know what they are when we play them live during the autumn Euro and US tours.

Disclaimer, They’re not polished, nothing recorded on the road ever could be, a lot of time spent removing crazy back ground sounds from vocals etc. That’s the point though I guess, snapshots.

When I was in college I’d go out a lot, but I wasn’t the guy that was the centre of everyone’s attention, I was usually standing awkwardly in the corner. But just because you’re standing in the corner doesn’t mean you don’t love to dance. That’s what this song is about I guess, dance like no one’s watching.